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Our studio can be used in a million different ways. We shoot videos, record music and take photos in it. We have a lot of built-in and additional lights, movable screens and rails with handles in the ceiling. If you think that our studio could also be suitable for your project, simply give us a call.

After opening the booking, choose DOWNSTAIRS STUDIO and choose whether you want to rent the studio itself or a studio with a cameraman/photographer and the desired length of your session.



The best thing to do is to call or write to us, tell us about your idea, send us the song and tell us straight away how much money you have for the video. Having a video filmed is like buying a car. You can buy one for 1 or 50 thousand, but the result will not be the same. Less money per clip does not automatically mean an uglier video, but we stay more down to earth when coming up with ideas and cheaper technology and props are used, but we always try use the best lighting possible so the result will always look professional. However, if there is more money for the video, we can, for example, look for better locations, have expensive props, the whole shoot can be longer with a well-thought- out storyboard and more people to help you with everything. In any case, the most important thing is preparation, so we recommend contacting us with your project at least a month or two in advance.


If you order a complete package, including production from us, our colleague will
first talk to you about your vision and budget and arrange a meeting with you in our studio with the whole team. At the meeting, we usually 
already have some initial shots and ideas that came to mind while listening to your demo, and we also discuss all your ideas if you have communicated them to us in advance. At the meeting, we usually put together a basic scenario, which we agree upon, and we then process and send you a storyboard, which serves us and you (or other filming participants) for better orientation in what is being filmed and why. We charge CZK 1,500 for this first meeting, and if we also shoot the given storyboard, we deduct the amount from the final invoice. As part of the production, we can also help you arrange locations, actors and props and additional equipment, if any is needed. We usually have a crew of 3-4 members on set, who oversee the direction, camera, lights, filming progress and adherence to the schedule and storyboard. Our shoots tend to have a great and friendly atmosphere. After filming, we back up the data and after about a week we send you the first cut, which we further adjust according to your comments. When we have a finished and approved cut, we start color-grading and add various effects, but we do the final edits together with the final credits, usually in our editing room together with you, and upload the finished video via online storage. This whole process, from the idea to the finished video, usually takes about a month. We can also make a video clip for you in our studio, which we can film and edit for you even in one day.

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